Termite Repair

One of the most common pest problems out there is termite infestation. Small and hard to spot, termites can cause heavy devastation to households in terms of structure, furniture, and landscape. Colonies of termites can spread through a home rapidly, and by the time a homeowner has any idea of where they’re coming from, the damage may already be done.

Whitrock Associates Inc II are certified termite restoration contractors in Niceville FL. After the identification of the type of termite you may have, whether it’s dampwood, drywood, subterranean, or Formosan. Once the termite infestation has been completely eliminated, the next phase is to repair the damage done.

Termite Prevention

Prevention is always one of the best tools to use against any problem, so we’re here to give you some hugely helpful tips on how to prevent or limit potential termite infestations. First, remove any rotting stumps, roots, logs and other type of wood laying around; find and eliminate wood to ground contact around your home; keep foundation areas well ventilated to eliminate large amounts of moisture; and seal up any holes or opening where termites can enter and spawn. Additional tips for termite prevention are: keep your sprinklers from spraying on your home and repair roof or wall leaks.

Contact us!

Termites aren’t called “silent destroyers” for nothing: they can eat their way through a home before you know it, so it makes sense to know an experienced pest control company on hand that you know can do a thorough job and put your worries at ease. We’ve offered some solid prevention tips that will help, but for those times where prevention fails, contact Whitrock Associates Inc II at 850-862-7900.