Roofing F.A.Q.

As your expert roofing service provider in Northwest Florida, we want to ensure all of our customers are knowledgeable on the roofing process and what to expect. Do you have more questions? Give us a call!

How do you know if you need a new roof installed?

There are a few factors that indicate that your home needs a new roof. For example, you may notice curling or missing shingles, leaks in your attic, rotting wood, water stains on walls and ceilings, or even chimney leaks.

What will a new roofing system cost?

There is no set price for a new roofing system. They can range widely depending on different roofing materials, shape and slope of roof, and contractor pricing. Contact our experts to get a price quote for your home.

How long will it take to install a new roof?

The average time spent on installing a new roof can range between one to three days. The length of time can also depend on the structure of your home. For example, a 1,000 square foot home can take about a day in comparison to a two story home, which can take up to two days.

What if I decide to do a re-roof?

When it comes to roofing, you can either do a complete tear-off of your existing roof system or cover the existing roof. Covering the existing roof is referred to as re-roofing and requires the work of installing a new roof on top of the existing roof. Re-roofing can actually save you money because you do not have to remove the existing roof. Although, you may still want to consider a new roof installation because re-roofing does not offer the same level of quality that a new roof would provide.

Are you ready to get started on your new roofing project? Contact our experienced staff today for more information on our services and roofing installation.