Flat Roofing

We offer 2 flat roofing materials in Residential and Commercial called 60-mil TPO and torch down roofing. Flat roofs can sometime have issues with water ponding, which is no problem for Whitrock, as we can install slanted Polyiso Insulation to direct water for proper drainage.

TPO Roofing Material (Commercial Roofing)

Fully Adhered


IKO Innovi TPO single-ply, fully adhered roofing systems provide a durable TPO roof membrane system fully bonded to the substrate. IKO offers a full line of accessory products to ensure adhered system compatibility.



IKO Innovi TPO single-ply membranes can be installed using the latest induction-welding equipment and techniques for an efficient roofing application.

IKO InnoviTPO single-ply membranes can be installed using induction-welding equipment and techniques, providing a nonpenetrating TPO membrane commercial roofing fastening system. The wide-weld window achieved through the proprietary Matrix weathering formulation ensures that the membranes can be installed in a diverse range of weather conditions with no pressure to rush the job. The induction-welded system ensures high wind uplift ratings, and installation is simplified since fewer fasteners for perimeters and corners may be required, reducing labor and material costs relative to other attachment methods. An induction-welded system eliminates the need for primers and adhesives and is VOC-free. This installation is less weather-dependent than fully adhered systems. The IKO InnoviTPO membrane is attached to the InnoviFast plates by a specialty induction-welding tool. Count on IKO for performance innovation.

IKOTherm and IKOTherm III polyisocyanurate roof insulations offer the highest thermal insulating R-value per inch thickness of all commercially available rigid board insulations. Both are available in a range of thicknesses and board sizes to meet the specified thermal needs and code requirements for a wide range of roof designs. IKOTherm is available in a standard kraft facer. For added moisture resistance and surface strength, IKOTherm III uses the same polyiso core, but is faced on both sides with fiberglass mats. Both standard IKOTherm and IKOTherm III are FM- and UL-approved. Strong and durable, IKO’s polyiso thermal insulation adds to the R-value of the Innovi™ TPO single-ply roofing system, offers excellent compressive strength and performs well in fire tests.

Torch Down 

Torch down roofing involves laying out sheets of modified bitumen—a material that is used as a binder in asphalt—and then using a hand-held propane torch to heat the material so it bonds permanently with the roof. The bitumen used for this type of roofing is typically modified with rubber or plastic, which means it can expand and contract without resulting in any damage.

This type of roofing is used most commonly on homes with flat roofs or a very slight pitch, as opposed to the steep-pitched roofs most homes have.

The reason you would use this type of roofing instead of standard shingles for a flat roof is that shingles are meant to assist a roof in draining water quickly and efficiently. If there is no slope, the water will start to pool and may find a way through the cracks and crevices of the shingles and into the underlayment and roof trusses. But with torch down roofing, there is a watertight seal between the bitumen sheets.