Winter Roofing Tips

There are several steps a homeowner can take during the winter to assure their roof stays in tip-top shape.

Simply knowing the warning signs of a damaged roof can be paramount, and homeowners should be conscious of various potential complications.

The blocking of roof drains is a considerable one to look out for, and isn’t an issue homeowners should only be concerned about in the winter. However, the problem only worsens with the dropping temperatures. The water accumulating on the roof due to drain negligence has the potential to not only increase in density and weight, but also freeze. The weight of the undrained water has a high probability of putting unwanted stress on the roof, and sequentially, damaging it. Additionally, the freezing of the water into thick ice constitutes a safety risk to those underneath. Check your drains for blockage!

Prioritizing intermittent inspections can not only save homeowners cash, but also headaches. It is recommended that a roof should be inspected annually. However, it is definitely beneficial to do an additional inspection prior to the colder, and more abrasive, winter months. The failure to identify smaller issues that may not have been present upon the annual inspection could lead to leaks or other unwanted damage. If additional inspections are deemed unnecessary by a homeowner it is recommended to schedule an annual inspection in the early fall.

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