Winter Roof Inspection & Repair

The winter months are officially approaching and having a roof that is sufficiently intact is imperative as the temperatures drop. Luckily, the winters in Florida aren’t as grueling as some other areas of the country. However, this does not mean that homeowners should neglect their roof or its needs. There are various circumstances during the winter months in Florida that can prove to be damaging for a homeowner’s roof.

Again, winter in the panhandle isn’t incredibly intense. However, it does get cold enough for freezing to occur. An obvious measure that homeowners can take in the winter is assuring their roof drains are cleared. Roof drain blockage is a problem within itself, but one that worsens in the winter due to the potential of freezing. This can cause unwanted weight and stress on the roof. Additionally, the winter months can bring stronger wind velocities. This can have a major impact on roof shingles, and damaged asphalt shingles can cause numerous problems. We are here to stop these problems or prevent them from occuring.

Whitrock Associates II has the experience and knowledge to help homeowners maintain their roof in the best shape imaginable. We pride ourselves on professionalism and knowing that our customer’s roofs are doing their job. Our roofing repair services include both residential and commercial, and our inspections are comprehensive and trustworthy! Please visit our “Services” tab for a detailed summary of what our inspections and repairs include.

Our goal at Whitrock Associates II is to catch any problem before it snowballs – no pun intended! Reach out today to schedule an inspection so we can nip your problem in the bud.

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