What to look for when choosing the best shingle roofing professionals

When you are getting ready for a re roofing, roofing repair or new roof installation job you want to be sure you choose the best shingle roofing professionals for the job. So how do you know how to choose a company that will deliver timely and quality results? Whitrock Associates, Inc II offers some helpful tips on choosing the best shingle roofing professional.

Are they a licensed certified roofing contractor?

One very important thing to look for when choosing a roofing contractor is whether they are licensed and insured.  When hiring a certified roofing contractor you can verify their credentials here at the state’s website. Once you have verified they are licensed you can also see if they are accredited through the Better Business Bureau. These are great places to start when verifying that your contractor is licensed and insured.

Are they headquartered locally or from out of state?


When you are getting quotes for a roofing job, whether it be for a repair, re roofing or a new roof application it could be important where these companies are located. If you have a job that needs to be finished in a timely and proficient manner, it may be good to know the shingle roofing contractor will still be around after the job is complete. Some companies will offer a customer satisfaction guarantee and in the case that you request a follow up appointment or want any future work done, having a company that is headquartered in your local area could make this task much easier.

View their previous work and reviews.

Finally, a lot can be said from other customers of the certified roofing contractors you are looking to hire. Check out their reviews online as well as their previous work. When looking for a contractor, specifically for shingle roofing, make sure the contractor has experience in that roofing application.

These are just a few tips as to what to look for when you need the best shingle roofing professional. Contact Whitrock Associates, Inc II with any questions or for an estimate on your next shingle roofing job.