Storm Season Preparedness and Roofing Repair


Hurricane season has officially begun since June 1st and continues in our area until November 30th. You can never be too prepared so make sure to stock up on essentials for the hurricane season. Preparing your home for the hurricane season should also be added to your to do list.

Are you prepared for this upcoming storm season?

The most common damage from a severe storm is roofing, which in most cases results in water leakage into your home and could potentially cause water damage and mold. To protect your home from a hurricane it is highly important that you hire a trustworthy roofing contractor, like your local roofing experts at Whitrock Associates, to inspect your home to make sure it is in the best possible shape to withstand a major storm. Our roofing professionals can examine your home for cracks, loose or broken shingles, or areas that have lost granules. This process is recommended for both commercial establishments and residential homes. And while it is great to prepare before a storm, the same process can be done after a storm. If your home or business does experience hurricane damage, it is highly important that you contact your Whitrock roofing specialists to assist you in emergency roofing repair. Any kind of roof leak can lead to more destructive damage to your home or office if left unattended for long periods of time. Make sure you have a plan set in place for how to best prepare your residence or business in the occasion a storm were to affect our area.

Minor problems like broken shingles can be repaired, however, if you need to replace your roofing, this is a great opportunity to protect your home or business with a more durable roof. There are several services that could be done to better prepare your roof to withstand a heavy storm. You could remove the existing roofing underlayment, replace any damaged roofing decking, or substitute your shingles with high wind rated shingles. Preparing your roof before a storm can help reduce significant damage later on. To minimize destruction, your professionals at Whitrock Associates can guide you through the process of your next roofing installation or roofing repair. For more tips on storm preparedness or any questions about roofing, call us today!