Shingle Re Roofing after the Recent Round of Storms

There were some serious storms that rolled through the panhandle of Florida recently, and it is possible that some roofs and shingles suffered some serious damage. Wind and rain that we receive here in Florida can cause shingle bonds and the overall quality of tile to deteriorate over time. Even though we have not had any hurricanes this year, we have still suffered through some extreme weather associated with the El Nino weather system. According to the University of Florida, the number one cause of shingle deterioration and damage are the constant storms and rain that occur here frequently. Feel free to view the whole doctoral dissertation here at the Univeristy of Floirda library. The storms are not over yet either… with huge winter weather systems rolling across the country and headed east as we speak, now would be a good time to have Whitrock Associates take a look at your roof and help with the repairs.

Whitrock Associates are the professionals who know Shingle Re Roofing.

Don’t wait until the next round of storms to damage your shingle roof beyond repair or possibly causing more serious roof damage. Our shingle re roofing professionals can stop by your home for a consultation and make a professional recommendation of what your roof really needs. If you just lost a few shingles due to the weather, then let our shingle re roofing team fix them up. If your roof has been in a state of disrepair for a while, our shingle re roofing experts can help get that roof repaired just like new. No matter what type of shingle re roofing you need, whether its asphalt or tile, our shingle re roofing pros can be to your home or business quickly, provide an in-depth consultation and begin working on re roofing fast.