Room Additions in Northwest Florida

Nowadays, construction companies are more and more specialized in room additions to give homes an extra aesthetic, whether it is for increased family size, entertainment, or for the business side. Whitrock Associates, Inc. II not only focuses on room additions, but also roofing, and sliding. Servicing Northwest Florida, we work one-on-one with homeowners to provide a successful and dedicated work effort towards achieving the goal of a new and improved home.

Room Additions Northwest Florida

As a constantly evolving society, we look for new ways upon to expand our designs, tastes, and necessities. The most obvious reason for room additions is increased family sizes. No matter the situation (raising a large family, erecting a place to stay for extended family, or having a place for your college student to stay over) families need more space nowadays; a home is limited only by size and creativity. Guest rooms and dens are the offspring of the original living room, offering more space to inhabit.

Secondly, work necessity is always a factor. Maybe you need office space to work at home, or perhaps you converted an original guest room into an office, and you want to add a new guest room to replace the old. Trying to fit an office into a bedroom only adds clutter; a separate room allows you to relax and focus. The new expansion will not only alleviate stress about where to put your belongings, it will also give you more room to breathe.

If you are located in Northwest Florida and are looking for room additions contact Whitrock Associates, Inc. II today at (850) 862-7900.