Which Roofing Underlayment is Best?

This is a question we have heard time and time again from customers seeking professional shingle roofing applications. For those who don’t know, roofing underlayment is the layer of protection that is added between your roof deck and shingles. This layer of material acts as a water barrier as well as a sound and heat barrier for your home. But most importantly, it prevents shingles from leaking chemicals onto your roof deck. Not sure which underlayment suits your needs? The team at Whitrock Associates is here to help you decide which underlayment option is best for your home.

Whitrock uses the Two Most Common Roofing Underlayment: Felt Underlayment and Peel & Stick Underlayment

Felt underlayment is usually an ideal option for homeowners who are working with tight budget constraints. It offers great value for its price. Felt underlayment is usually packed in 15 or 30 pound blocks. It offers a great seepage barrier especially when installed in thicker layers with the 30 pound blocks.

Peel & Stick Underlayment is a newer product. It is manufactured with a backing that, when removed, adheres onto your roof deck. Peel and Stick Underlayment provides great protection against physical damage, UV degradation and moisture giving the homeowner protection for years to come.

Whitrock Associates can guide you through the process of choosing your preferred method of roofing underlayment. Whether you decide to go with felt underlayment or peel and stick underlayment, our contractors have the experience and knowledge to install both options. Contact us today to set up an appointment.