Roofing Contractor Winter Roofing Tips

Just because it does not snow in Northwest Florida, doesn’t mean you should neglect your roof. Even in mild climates like the ones we experience here along the Panhandle, can cause a lot of wear and tear to your roof. Harsh winds and heavy rain are all elements that could turn minor roofing problems into more serious ones. So before the harsh winter months begin, call your roofing contractor at Whitrock Associates. Below are just a few of our tips to look out for when preparing for winter.

Repair Loose ShinglesDamaged shingles are a major vulnerability that could lead to potential leaks in your roof. The most common problems with shingles is simply due to old age or perhaps certain shingles are aging prematurely due to a not properly ventilated roof. This kind of damage can lead to leaks in your home. If you happen to notice a leak, call your roofer at Whitrock Associates to repair those trouble spots.

Clean your Gutters – Remove all leaves, dirt, and any other debris and keep it clear out of your gutter before winter begins. Gutters that have not been properly cleaned will inhibit water from draining during rain showers. Gutters can be expensive to repair so it is best to keep them clean.

Check Flashing – Flashing that is loose or improperly sealed can very quickly become a source of potential water damage. A roofing contractor from Whitrock Associates could inspect your roof to make sure that the flashing is secure especially in areas like chimneys, skylights, and drains.

Need help preparing your roof for winter? Call the professionals at Whitrock Associates for assistance today.