Roof Repair After A Storm

Hurricane season began back in June. Although we have not had a visit from a hurricane, we have had episodes of severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and strong winds. It is important to know how to assess, fix, and maintain your roof after a storm. Here are some things that you should add to your checklist after a storm:

Assess the damage on your roof. Check the gutters, windows and roofing accessories. Inspecting the area around your house is also helpful in case there is debris indicating unnoticed damages.
Check for leaks. Leaks can lead to pooling which can lead to your ceiling collapsing and severe water damage. Also check for water spots in your attic and ceilings.
Call a professional roofing contractor that you can trust. The professional roof contractors at Whitrock Associates are reliable and can help you fix the damages efficiently.
Be sure to call your homeowner’s insurance company. Calling them even before a storm happens would be a good idea. Go over exactly what damages are covered in your insurance.

If you are already dealing with damages from normal wear and tear or from a surprise thunderstorm, call the professional roof contractors at Whitrock Associates.

Let our professionals take care of your roof repairs.