Rainy Season and Hurricanes May Bring Leaks

Our rainy season is about to begin and will be followed by hurricane season. Both these weather conditions can damage your roof or make an already damaged roof even worse.

Be sure to check your roof for any signs of damage that may have occurred during winter. Missing or raised shingles could cause leaks if a strong rainstorm hits. If you see a couple of missing shingles, you may thing it’s no big deal, but one or two can lead to more as time goes by. Loose shingles can be blown away in a strong wind, increasing your chance of leaks.

You don’t want the inside of your home damaged by leaks, so be sure to check inside for any water stains.

A damaged roof and the additional inside damage it may cause can devalue your home if you don’t have it repaired quickly.

When you’re inspecting inside and out, call Whitrock Associates II if you find anything amiss. We’ll send one of our professionals out to assess the problem. We’ll tend to your roof and make sure more issues don’t arise during the rainy season.