Metal Roofing vs Shingle

If you’re looking for new roof for your home, there’s no shortage of colors, styles and materials to choose from. This is a big investment so it’s important to understand the differences between shingle roofing vs metal. Learn more about the variations between these two popular roofing options so you can decide which one will work for your needs.

Climate and the environment that you live in are some of the most important factors for the longevity of any roof. Living in an area prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, hail or major windstorms is going to impact your roof differently than calm, moderate weather year-round. Shingles can last for up to 20 years, but this number can drastically decrease with fierce storm activity. Metal roofs are designed to last 40-70 years
While most people think that metal roofs are heavier than shingle roofs, the opposite is true and metal tends to weigh about 1.4 pounds per square foot with standing seam metal.
Storm Damage
Metal is proven to hold up remarkably well to driving powerful storms, rain, hail, heat and ice. Metal is growing increasingly popular in many storm climates like Florida. Many metal products have been tested, and performed well, against wind speeds of 140mph (Category 4 hurricane / F2 tornado).
Shingles are one of the most common roofing systems used in the US. They are durable and reliable. However, one of the largest factors is their cost. Asphalt shingles are significantly less expensive than a metal roof upfront. In the short-term, shingles are less expensive, however since metal has such a long lifespan, a metal roof is cheaper in the long-run and is a better value as you will have to replace an asphalt shingle roof several times in the same lifespan of a metal roof. With proper maintenance and care, metal roofing will last longer than shingle.
Shingle roofs tend to require more maintenance and up-keep than metal roofs. This also depends on the area and storm activity. However, both roof types require keeping your roof clear of any debris, especially after a storm. Shingles can become loosened or broken after heavy winds or hail, and may require repairs or full replacement while metal tends to hold up better in stormy conditions.

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