Hurricane Season is Upon us

While it’s been extremely hot lately here in the panhandle, we’ve also had numerous pop up summer storms with heavy rain and high winds. As we get deeper into hurricane season, the weather can get much worse. The major months for hurricanes are August through October, so prepare yourselves and your homes now.

You can read Plan & Prepare on Florida Disaster’s site.

Be sure to check your roof for loose or missing shingles. Once shingles begin to blow off, you could be headed for a big problem, including leaks or roof replacement. Inspect every inch of your roof and be sure to look inside for any leaks that may have happened.

Still want more information? Read our Article Common Signs You Need to get a New Roof.

If you notice any problem areas, call Whitrock Associates II at 850-862-7900 and let them know what damage you’ve found. We’ll inspect your roof and provide a free quote on repair costs. We can also be reached by email by filling out our contact form.

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