Don’t Let a Damaged Roof Become Worse

Hurricane season has just begun, but one named storm has already zeroed in on Florida. It’s early in the season that runs until the end of November, but don’t let your guard down. Historically, our worst months of the season begin with August and go through the end of November.

While it’s early, and before Mother Nature decides it’s the Emerald Coast’s turn, you should check your roof for any damage that may have occurred during winter and get repairs scheduled, if necessary.

Walk around your home and inspect your roof. Do you see loose or missing shingles? How about leaves or pine straw piled up around vents, skylights, chimney flashing or roof valleys? All those things may have caused damage already and can lead to further damage if a tropical storm or hurricane aims its wrath at us.

Upon personal inspection, if any damage is noted, simply give Whitrock Associates II a call at 850-862-7900 and advise them of what you see. You’ll get an inspection and a free quote on repair cost.

Whitrock Associates II has been in business in the area for 34 years. For quality and value, you won’t go wrong when you give them a call.