Check Your Roof for Storm Damage

Spring in this area brings storms with rain and high winds. Spring storms will be followed by hurricane season, June 1 through November 30. The wind and rain can be extremely hard on your home’s roof.

Walk around outside your home and check the roof. Do you see loose or missing shingles? Perhaps you have leaves built up or even mold on your roof. Check all the soffits, facia, gutters and downspouts for damage. Don’t forget your chimney, any skylights you may have and vents.

All these areas can be problematic for your roof. They may even cause leaks in your attic that will eventually end up in your home.

Before any of that happens, you’ll want to call on a professional to check any problems you may have noticed. When you want the job done right, contact Whitrock Associates II. Advise them of any problems you may have noticed and let them inspect your roof.

You’ll get a professional opinion and a free estimate for any work that is necessary.

Whitrock Associates II has been in business in the area for 34 years. For quality and value, give them a call at 850-862-7900.