Check Your Roof Before Winter Arrives

Winter won’t arrive for another month or so, and cold winter weather typically doesn’t arrive until January and February. However, is your roof in good condition to survive another winter? You may not have thought about your roof because there’s so much going on, but this is the time of year that you need to check it out.

Your roof protects your house the same way a jacket protects you from the cold. Your roof should keep your house dry, warm and cozy.

While we’ve had a stretch of dry weather, and hurricane season is almost over, we may still have some windy, rainy days with a touch of cold before the end of the year. Past storms may have already damaged your roof, and more damage could come. When shingles are damaged, rain can cause leaks that get bigger and bigger with each storm.

Take a look at your roof to check for damaged, loose or missing shingles. Also look for piled up leaves or pine straw in the valleys of your home’s roof. Those spots are bad for holding water that can cause damage you can’t see.

If you see any signs of damage or anything that concerns you, contact Whitrock Associates II, and one of our trained roofing professionals will check it out for you. Let us evaluate your roof and make suggestions on ways to solve your roof’s problems.