Termite Repair

One of the most common pest problems out there is termite infestation. Small and hard to spot, termites can cause heavy devastation to households in terms of structure, furniture, and landscape. Colonies of termites can spread through a home rapidly,… Read More

Helping your Home During a Storm

Here in Northwest Florida, residents are all too familiar with hurricanes and tropical storms. When a storm is on the way there are many things people must do to prepare. Don’t forget about your home during your preparation. The roof is susceptible… Read More

Shingle Roofing Installation and Repair

The professional roofing services provided by the staff at Whitrock Associates hold a certified roofing contractors license and have the experience to take on any job, residential or commercial. Contact us today and see how we can help put the perfect… Read More

Spring Roofing Repair Tips

Spring is right around the corner but is your roof ready? Repairing or replacing your roof can be costly and we want to help you avoid that. We want to make sure you’re ready for the season as well as… Read More

What are the different types of siding?

Siding is the perfect way to make your home unique and improve your curb appeal! There are multiple choices from low to high maintenance, affordable to the more expensive side. Exploring the Different Types of Siding Insulated siding, for example,… Read More

Is Your Roof Ready for a Hurricane?

The Gulf is heating up and becoming more active with storms that could potentially turn into tropical storms or hurricanes. What does this mean for your roof? During hurricane seasons you want to ensure your roof will be able to… Read More

Do you take your roof for granted?

Mysterious leaks popping up in your home? Is there mold on your ceiling? Any bugs, birds, or any type of pest living in your attic space? If the answer is yes to all of these, it is possible your roof… Read More

New Roofing Repair Service Testimonial

“Installation of our new roof was completed on April 23, 2013. We are very satisfied with the result. Everything listed in the contract was accomplished with a high level of skill and on time. The entire project was done efficiently… Read More

Tips from our Roofing Repair Team

With the spring and summer months heading our way, it is imperative to have a properly installed roof. After the cold winter, your roof may have encountered some damage or wear and tear from snow, water damage, debris, high winds,… Read More

Roofing Repair Tips – Protect your Roof From Additional Problems

Whitrock Associates Inc II specializes in roofing repair for the Fort Walton Beach area. Here are a few repair tips from our team of qualified professionals. Use plastic sheeting to cover a hole temporarily, nail the sheeting down using roofing… Read More

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