Check Your Roof Before Winter Arrives

Winter won’t arrive for another month or so, and cold winter weather typically doesn’t arrive until January and February. However, is your roof in good condition to survive another winter? You may not have thought about your roof because there’s… Read More

Winter Roof Inspection & Repair

The winter months are officially approaching and having a roof that is sufficiently intact is imperative as the temperatures drop. Luckily, the winters in Florida aren’t as grueling as some other areas of the country. However, this does not mean… Read More

Don’t Gamble With Hurricane Season

Our area of the Gulf Coast was very lucky through August 31 with no named storms, but the height of hurricane season is upon us. There’s no telling what Mother Nature will throw at us until hurricane season draws to… Read More

Hurricane Season is Upon us

While it’s been extremely hot lately here in the panhandle, we’ve also had numerous pop up summer storms with heavy rain and high winds. As we get deeper into hurricane season, the weather can get much worse. The major months… Read More

Don’t Let a Damaged Roof Become Worse

Hurricane season has just begun, but one named storm has already zeroed in on Florida. It’s early in the season that runs until the end of November, but don’t let your guard down. Historically, our worst months of the season… Read More

Hurricane Season is Around the Corner

Hurricane season begins on June 1. It’s literally just around the corner, so to speak. There’s no need to panic, but this is the time of year to prepare and make sure everything around your home is in good repair…. Read More

Check Your Roof for Storm Damage

Spring in this area brings storms with rain and high winds. Spring storms will be followed by hurricane season, June 1 through November 30. The wind and rain can be extremely hard on your home’s roof. Walk around outside your… Read More

Rainy Season and Hurricanes May Bring Leaks

Our rainy season is about to begin and will be followed by hurricane season. Both these weather conditions can damage your roof or make an already damaged roof even worse. Be sure to check your roof for any signs of… Read More

Time To Check Your Roof

It’s almost spring, and this area has had a harsh winter, considering that it’s Florida. Rain, high winds, cold – everything but snow and ice. However, our winter conditions may have damaged your roof, so you need to check it… Read More

Winter Roofing Tips

There are several steps a homeowner can take during the winter to assure their roof stays in tip-top shape. Simply knowing the warning signs of a damaged roof can be paramount, and homeowners should be conscious of various potential complications…. Read More

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