2020 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins June 1, 2020 and predictions show an over-average season for hurricanes. Between 1981 and 2010, hurricane season produced 12.1 tropical storms, 6.4 hurricanes and 2.7 major hurricanes. On April 2, 2020 forecasters predicted 16 named storms, 8 hurricanes and 4 major hurricanes.

In 2018, the Florida Panhandle was impacted by Hurricane Michael, which was the first Category 5 hurricane to hut the United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992; and was the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall.

Causing $18.4 billion in damage, the Emerald Coast is still trying to recover. Damage included fallen trees, collapsed roofs, demolished building structures, flooding and more.

How to Prepare

  • Evaluate your roof: Now is the time to evaluate your roof from the ground. Search for missing, broken or raised shingles.
  • Evaluate your attic: Once you’ve evaluated the exterior of your home, access your attic and look for any water spots or places water may be pooling.
  • Call Whitrock Associates: As a leading roofing company on the Emerald Coast, we understand the importance of a sound roof, especially during hurricane season. We have worked tirelessly in Panama City and surrounding areas to help our locals after Hurricane Michael.

If you’ve noticed any leaking or damaged shingles, call us today for a re-roofing quote.