Roofing Repair

Every so often, a house needs a series of repairs to keep it good as new, and one of the most common ailments discovered in any home renovation project is roof damage. Like most restorations for the home, wear and tear over time is a frequent culprit, but it isn’t the only reason repair is required. No matter whether or not is internal or external, a roof is vulnerable to a wide array of conditions that will lead to eventual repair or replacement. It is our commitment to the customer, so we’ve put together a friendly guide on what kind of damage a roof acquires, and how to identify it.

Damage from Natural Sources

As previously mentioned, wear and tear is far from the end all source of roof calamities. One of the more frequent causes is weather, inclement or not. Rain, hail, snow, wind, all of these contribute in a variety of ways. They can directly cause physical damage by opening holes in the roof, causing leaks inside, or indirectly, such as branches and trees uprooted, falling on a roof, or the wind can uproot nails and shingles, sending them flying every which way. Rain can also lead to mold buildup on the inside if not quickly treated. When trees grow close to homes can cause puncturing and scraping on the roof, as well as mold, moss, and algae build up from the excess foliage surrounding the area.

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