Tips from our Licensed Roofing Specialists

With the summer months heading our way, it is imperative to have a properly installed roof. After the cold winter and rainy spring, your roof may have encountered some damage or wear and tear from snow, water damage, debris, high winds, etc. Between summer showers and hurricane season, there are plenty of reasons to get it fixed and/or replaced. Here are some beneficial tips for dealing with your roof during spring and summer.

Check out our tips to keep your roof in top working condition

First, it’s best to do a walk-through of your home and check for any possible leaks or holes, both interior and exterior. Take a trip up to your roof and check shingles, insulation, gutters, and anywhere that could involve a potential problem. Any sign of trouble, have a consultation with a company (like us), and we’ll do a thorough inspection for you. Check your roof warranty and see if it has expired or not. The most important tip is simply having your roof checked out. As hot as it gets during the summer, having holes in your roof isn’t the best way to stay cool, so make sure you get your roof looked at.

Whitrock Associates Inc II is a licensed roofing repair company that has over 25 years of experience. Our team of professionals are qualified to handle any roofing repair service you may need, whether commercial or residential. Call us today at (850) 862-7900 for more information on our services. We will be more than happy to give you a free estimate as well!

How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor?

Choosing the right person when you are looking to fix or repair your roof is one of the biggest obstacles homeowners come across. A google search for roofing contractors is easy enough. However how do you dwindle that list down? You, of course want to pick a contractor that is trustworthy and professional while also being good at their job. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Choose Local: Choosing a local roofing contractor gives customers the peace of mind knowing that you can stop by their office at anytime to get any questions answered.
Community referrals: when you hire a local roofing contractor, it allows you the opportunity to talk to members of your own community and ask for referrals. You can also ask local contractors to provide you with feedback from past local clients.
Licensed and Insured: Legitimate contractors should be able to provide you with proper proof of their license and insurance. Be proactive and double check validity and current status of both.
Better Business Bureau ratings: be weary of contractors not listed on BBB. Look through a contractors page and read reviews. For any negative reviews be sure to check for resolutions.
Meet Face to Face: In today’s age of quick service, it’s important to meet with potential contractors in person. Take this as a job interview for them. Come prepared with questions and ask them to provide options for your roof repair or replacement.

With over 25 years of experience, Whitrock Associates is your go-to Fort Walton Beach roofing contractors. We also provide services in Destin, Niceville, Mary Esther, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.


Increase your Home Value

Have you been thinking about what you can do to increase your home value? In recent years research has shown that installing a new roof is one of the best ways to increase property values. It can also cut cooling costs while improving your curb appeal. Below are 4 reasons to install a new roof:

1. Improved resale value. A new roof can increase your home value by almost $12,000.
2. Immediate Appearance Upgrade. Perspective buyers will be drawn to a new roof vs. an old one. A roof is one of the most visible features of a house.
3. Warranty. As opposed to new landscaping or an additional bathroom, new roof installations come with year’s worth of warranty.
4. Avoid Building Inspection Issues. A roof in poor condition or in need of repairs will stop a home sale in the drop of a hat.

Although a roof is a big investment, it is also a smart one. The professional team at Whitrock Associates is here to help guide you in the right direction. With years of experience we have become to go-to roofing contractor in Destin, Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

Roofs during Hurricane Season

As we have seen in recent weeks, hurricanes are a reality for Florida. Every year, storms on the Gulf can potentially turn into tropical storms or hurricanes. What does this mean for your roof?

During hurricane seasons you want to ensure your roof will be able to withstand the wind and rain that comes with a hurricane.

  • Nail or caulk shingles that are loose and will come off easily during a storm.
  • If you have a metal roof, be sure to check for rust or anchoring that has come loose throughout the year.
  • Install hurricane straps; you will need to hire a licensed contractor for this project. Hurricane straps will strengthen the wood to wood and wood to concrete connections.
  • Install an additional water barrier.

Whitrock Associates Inc II is your leading roofing repair company in Northwest Florida. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, customer service and knowledge. For more information on our roofing repair services, or how you can improve your roof for this hurricane season, please gives us a call today at 850-862-7900!

Roof Repair After A Storm

Hurricane season began back in June. Although we have not had a visit from a hurricane, we have had episodes of severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and strong winds. It is important to know how to assess, fix, and maintain your roof after a storm. Here are some things that you should add to your checklist after a storm:

Assess the damage on your roof. Check the gutters, windows and roofing accessories. Inspecting the area around your house is also helpful in case there is debris indicating unnoticed damages.
Check for leaks. Leaks can lead to pooling which can lead to your ceiling collapsing and severe water damage. Also check for water spots in your attic and ceilings.
Call a professional roofing contractor that you can trust. The professional roof contractors at Whitrock Associates are reliable and can help you fix the damages efficiently.
Be sure to call your homeowner’s insurance company. Calling them even before a storm happens would be a good idea. Go over exactly what damages are covered in your insurance.

If you are already dealing with damages from normal wear and tear or from a surprise thunderstorm, call the professional roof contractors at Whitrock Associates.

Let our professionals take care of your roof repairs.

The Importance of Professional Roof Maintenance

There are plenty of opportunities for mother nature to wreak havoc on your roof. Daily abuse from natural elements slowly add up and eventually lead to costly repairs and replacements. Below are some things to try to maintain and look out for to elongate the life of your roof:

  • Clean the gutters. Rainy, windy, stormy days can result in debris clogging the gutters, which can lead to pooling water. The water could potentially lead to roof collapse.
  • Check for signs of damages. Missing, damaged, or curling shingles are obvious signs that you are in need of roof repair. If you have a metal roof, keep an eye out for rust. Taking care of little issues will help elongate the life of your roof and save you money.
  • Look out for any signs of mold, fungus, algae, or any dampness. Leaks only get worse not better. Catching these signs will get you ahead of potential damages.
  • Trim and maintain branches that may be hanging over your roof. Proper and consistent maintenance will prevent damages and keep critters away.

Keep up and be consistent with maintenance! Doing so will help you prevent and identify issues sooner. If you need reliable and excellent roof repair, call the professional roof contractors at Whitrock Associates.

Flat Roof Installation and Repair

Whitrock Associates are the flat roof installation experts in Okaloosa County, Walton County, and Escambia County.
Flat roofs are popular on commercial buildings although they can also be installed on more modern residential homes. One of the characteristics of this type of roof is that flat roofs have none to very little slope.
There are several different options when it comes to flat roofing. Read more about the different flat roofs below.

Flat Roofing Materials

EPDM Rubber roof – EPDM Rubber roof is very lightweight and flexible roof. A popular option for Whitrock Associates customers.
Asphalt Roof – Asphalt roof is usually very affordable and has a very long lifespan. This roof can take years of wear and can fit most sized roofs.
Felt Roof – Felt roof is also a low cost option for flat roofs. This roof is proven to last and fits virtually any size roof.

If your building or home needs a new flat roof, contact the professionals at Whitrock Associates to get your free estimate today!

How Long Does a Roof Last?

Your home’s roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. Your roof protects your home from UV rays, rain, and wind. Learn more about the factors that influence your roof’s lifespan and how you can help increase its longevity.

As you may already know, there are several different roofing materials available for your home. At Whitrock Associates, we have several different roofing materials to choose from for your home. Each material has a different lifespan. Deciding on which material is best for your home really depends on your home’s location, style, and your budget.

Roofing Material Lifespans

Asphalt Shingles – This option is the least expensive of all roofing materials. With an asphalt roof you can get up to 20 years of use.

Metal roof – Metal roofs can come in a variety of materials range from tin to steel. Metal roofs give a modern look to any home and they last up to 60 years.

Flat roof – Modern flat roofs usually can last up to 20 – 25 years when properly installed and maintained. The flat roofs come in several materials but the most commonly used in Florida is the Rubber membrane, EPDM.

Need assistance deciding what roofing material is best for your home? Contact our staff for more information on products and services today!

What to Look for in a Roof when Buying a New Home

When looking for a new home, homebuyers look for functionality in the kitchen and good size rooms. Often times, structural issues can be overlooked when you are looking for the perfect home. One of the most common functionalities of a home that is overlooked is the roof.

Home Roofing Red Flags

Before purchasing a home, do a visual inspection of the roof to determine if there are any defects. Below are some of the things you should look out for in a Northwest Florida roof:
– curling shingles
– rust spots
– loose or missing shingles
– water leakage
Any of the above issues can be a sign of larger problems later on. You may want to consider getting a roof inspection to see if there is damage to the roof. Our roofing company has extensive knowledge working in the Northwest Florida area and can help you improve the efficiency of your roof. If you have roofing questions or would like a roof inspection, contact our staff today!

Roofing FAQ

How do you know if you need a new roof installed?
There are a few factors that indicate that your home needs a new roof. For example, you may notice curling or missing shingles, leaks in your attic, rotting wood, water stains on walls and ceilings, or even chimney leaks.

What will a new roofing system cost?
There is no set price for a new roofing system. They can range widely depending on different roofing materials, shape and slope of roof, and contractor pricing. Contact our experts to get a price quote for your home.

How long will it take to install a new roof?
The average time spent on installing a new roof can range between one to three days. The length of time can also depend on the structure of your home. For example, a 1,000 square foot home can take about a day in comparison to a two story home, which can take up to two days.

What if I decide to do a re-roof?
When it comes to roofing, you can either do a complete tear-off of your existing roof system or cover the existing roof. Covering the existing roof is referred to as re-roofing and requires the work of installing a new roof on top of the existing roof. Re-roofing can actually save you money because you do not have to remove the existing roof. Although, you may still want to consider a new roof installation because re-roofing does not offer the same level of quality that a new roof would provide.

Are you ready to get started on your new roofing project? Contact our experienced staff today for more information on our services and roofing installation.